Saturday, March 25, 2006

Now That's What I Call the iPod Hifi

Not too long ago Apple launched this product dubbed as the "iPod Hifi". Of course it cannot qualify as a hifi and many audiophiles have understandably scoffed at it. There are also people who labled it a "boombox" instead.

I heard the thing at Apple Centre Funan and it was indeed horrible. The music played through it was harsh and almost unlistenable.

Then came the Concertino, a speaker + tube amplifier combo by German audio company Goldster Audio. This is a rather high-end-ish setup which uses a tube amplifier running in the much touted Single-Ended mode. This is supposed to "pinnacle of what is possible in tube amplifier design" according to Goldster Audio.

This seemingly old technology "perfectly capable of compensating for the sound distortions of today's music production and data reduction because of its wonderful "analogue charm".

Now that is definitely more hifi than the iPod Hifi. How much does this baby cost? A cool US$3,700.