Monday, January 30, 2006

Finally, QuickTime HD on my PC!

For months, my AMD Sempron 3200-based PC has never been able to play QuickTime HD files, they just seem so processor intensive. While I have played HD in other formats such as DivX and WMV-HD, QuickTime HD playback never worked well for me. Somehow, QuickTime HD requires a much higher system requirement than the other HD formats (Apple recommends at least a 2.8GHz machine for playback of 720p files while others can work with a 2.4GHz.)

I was browsing the Mac User Group forums I read about other users playing such files using VLC. I've known VLC to be a "play everything" player but it never quite dawned on me that it'll do QuickTime HD as well. I decided to give it a go anyway, and bingo, my previously "unplayable" 720p QuickTime HD files played without much of a hitch!

So for those of you out there having problems with playing back QuickTime HD files, do give VLC a go.